About us

An entirely new multi-vendor e-commerce platform for a one of a kind shopping experience.

Outleb.com introduces the first multi-vendor e-commerce platform in the Lebanese market giving the opportunity to any retailer in Lebanon to start selling online. Our state of the art platform has no limitations when it comes to vendors, categories and products; anyone with an established business can apply to become a vendor at Outleb.com. All the products posted will be verified by our support team to ensure consistency of our catalog.

Our objective is to create a one stop shop for all your shopping needs ranging from clothing, electronics, house items, cosmetics, toys, food, beverages and many other products. The purpose of Outleb.com is to provide its customers an overview of all existing products in the local market on a single platform ensuring a healthy competitive environment for retailers and a great benefit for the end-user.

Outleb.com is super easy to use for vendors, once the store is approved, vendors can start adding products to their store and will be automatically added to the catalog. Vendors are responsible of managing their prices and inventories. We will handle shipping and payments on behalf of the merchants so that they can focus on selling.

Outleb.com offers Authentic products only, fake products are not accepted. We are adding new brands and items on daily basis, make sure to check our store regularly.