ISMOD II Plus Black Double Rods


ISMOD II Plus Black Double Rods

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ISMOD Ⅱ Plus, we upgraded the power bank and material.there is a power bank with a capacity of 2600 mAh and 160 mAh rod

It’s double-rods design, with the magnetic charging function

By heating tobacco, ISMOD II Plus creates tobacco vapor. It will not leave odor on your clothes.

Compatible with Heets

Specifications of Mysmok iSMODⅡ Plus: (From the manufacturer)

Configuration:Double rods+Power bank

Color: Black
Battery Type: High Rate Lithium Battery
Rod Battery Capacity:160mah
Charger Battery Capacity:2600mAh
Charge Mode: Fast Charging
Smoking Time: 260s
Preheating Time: <15s
Heating Temperature: 320℃-350℃


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